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tl;dr: The time has come for Panodio, an audio-only interface to the acoustic web.

Management Summary

Panodio is going to be an Android application, running on all sorts of smartphones and tablets, providing an audio-only interface for humans to access data on the acoustic web.

The first data source is going to be Panoptikum.io, a database with over 1,800,000 episodes from over 30,000 podcasts.

Being an voice interface, it empowers humans who are not able to use web browsers, smartphones or tablets to access the huge amount of audio content available on the world wide web.

Current State

Currently, with Panoptikum.io we own a data source of more than 1.8 million episodes from more than 30,000 podcasts with the most diverse topics, quality, length and languages. People can recommend as well as like podcasts, episodes and chapters. All the metadata (also including show notes) is searchable with arbitrary search terms using a proper search engine.

To access this, it is still necessary to operate a web browser, and a podcatcher application on a smartphone is recommended to subscribe.

These two aspects are not satisfactory, by any means, as they exclude relevant groups of our society from participating and benefitting. We are all excluded in certain situations, e.g., if we don’t have our hands free regardless of whether if we are driving a car, jogging, fix our bike with dirty hands or are engaged in the kitchen.

Our plan

Our plan is to create a voice interface to the acoustic web, that is, the audio files on the internet. Further on, we will make all contents available in text form available via TTS (text to speech).

We had started with an elaborate project plan — originally designed for an application for project support. This plan is available for you at Plan/EN, if you are interested in the details.

Should video be more your thing instead of reading a long piece of text, check out how we playfully present Panodio in the video below. The video is in German, so if you’d prefer to watch it with English subtitles, they are available on our Youtube Version.

Our vision

Either we as a society take control of education, or trends, fake news and shit storms on Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp or their successors will become the main influencers. We can change that.

In current educational setting one teacher has to take care for 15 pupils at least, oftentimes more than 30. Lots of questions therefore go unanswered, and social media gets bigger roles in training and education.

Our vision has got a name - Indigo. Indigo is a possible instance of a learning assistant, that still has to be created collaboratively. Indigo shall be available at any time for everybody and support people in training and education in the sense of an ideal mentor.

Indigo will be created as a collaborative work of many people. Their algorithms and data are open source and open data. Scientists from many fields and areas will contribute to her creations, accompany her development over the years and research the first development of a strong artificial intelligence monitoring her.

Many of her aspects have to be taken into consideration, an incomplete list could contain:

  • Technical feasability
  • Privacy
  • Freedom of opinion
  • Didactics
  • Philosophy
  • Ethics
  • Acceptance in the society
  • Trust
  • Upbringing
  • Scientific facts, theories and models
  • Training and education

The goal of laying out this vision is to encourage thinking about the future of education and finding people and organisations who are interested in this and wish to collaborate on the creation of Indigo.

Panodio will eventually become Indigo.